Albeit unpredictable moments, I stay on trend to recount the bliss of silence
Like a solitary moon, I assiduously wait for next night with utter patience
As upon the bosom of silent sky, still stars will sing the songs of silence

In this syncretic world, love’s paradigm marches from frozen relation
Wading through wobbly times, the sincere lovers never lose their nerves
The one with meaningful silence notches above the distortive dissimulation

Yet to hear the voice of silence by my defeaned ears in greater magnitude
Being crumpled up by cranky chaos reeling round the cosmos
Seconds of silence lie hidden in the folds of serene solitude

A somber soul still seeking its essence in the arachnoid of oblivion
Prolonged silence unveils unpronounced streaks of solitude
Silence speaks then when a poor heart yells for a solid reason

Tryst with trailblazing art of silence, a venture is always underway
Gusts of day’s drudgery can’t blow away the quintessence of silence
Despite cryptic complications, silence superbly paves the way

If only I can discover silence within, I get at my every goal
Life will be streamlined like a stream flowing by silent valley
Power of silence sends vivacious vibes into the sullen soul

© Mir Samsul Haque
All Rights Reserve

One thought on “SILENCE”
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