About Us

The Trust is absolutely nonpolitical, nonprofit making and nongovernmental. Its Aims and Objectives are:-

a) The SURYODAYA LITERARY FOUNDATION AND TRUST recognizes and encourages the talent and the contributions made by both emerging and established writers by funding an annual awards program in which each year, writers representing India’s diverse literary traditions are honored for their significant contributions to India’s literary heritage.

b)To organize Public meetings, National and
International Seminars to upkeep the requirement of society.

c)To take an active interest in the civic, Cultural, moral, and social welfare of the community.

d) T o create bonds of friendship, good fellowship and mutual understanding among people.

e)To undertake various activities relating to promotion of Art & Culture, Literature, Science , sports, Education in the society to unfold the hidden literary talents of the locality.

f) To undertake various activities relating to economic development of the people, improvement of health of the people, creation of health awareness among them organization of health camps, establishment of health centers and hospitals.

g) To undertake various activities for empowerment of women, support to poor, helpless, disabled and orphans in the society.

h) The Trust’s aim is also to publish books of substance, highlighting the core values of Indian culture.

i) It has been committed to bringing Indian cultural her-itage closer to the younger minds. With this objective, efforts are being made to bring to the fore, excellence in children’s literature in different Indian languages.

j) To establish and operate library, study centre, infor-mation centre and other similar centers in both rural areas & urban areas for the children, youth and com-mon people.

k) To conduct literary conferences and issue certificates and awards for promotion of Literature.

l) To take up such other activities for the welfare and betterment of the society.

m) Provide a forum for bringing together experiences related to natural and built environment from individuals, institutions and organizations.

n) Do and promote research and actions in environment and related disciplines in the best interest of human beings.

Publish and prepare reports, monographs, films, case studies, and journal in Odia, English, Hindi Urdu or any other language for defusing knowledge.

o) Publish literature and educational material, organize exhibitions, establish library/libraries and museum(s), and acquire information in fields related to environment with the approval of the concerned authorities.

p) Grant gratitude to any person or persons who may be or have been officer(s) or servant(s) in any capacity of the society, for the relatives or dependents of any such persons and make payments towards insurance in re-spect of such persons or their relatives or dependents and subscribe or guarantee money for charitable objec-tives.

q) Mobilize/organize and train/enable communities for collective actions to promote sustainable development, and to achieve it through promoting values of civil

r) Highlight issues of governance, related to sustainable development, through advocacy.

s) Create awareness regarding environmental pollution and environmental degradation, and its effect(s) on hu-man health, social set-up, economy and politics.

t) Provide loans and grants to deserving persons for po-verty alleviation and sustainable development.

u) Work to eliminate regional, ethnic, economic, social and gender inequity and discrimination in the develop-ment process.

v) To do all such things, which may be necessary, inci-dental or constructive, to the attainment of all or any specific objectives of the Society.

w) This Trust will act as a Think Tank to promote envi-ronmental education, diffusion of useful knowledge for the protection and preservation of the environment among the members, public, institutions.

x) Care and Share the Nature.

y)To provide opportunity for better interaction among researchers, teachers, social workers, school children and NGOs on the environmental issues
z) To generate awareness among the masses and poli-cy makers for saving the environment.

The benefits of the trust are open to all irrespective of caste, creed, community, religion, etc, and it shall work regardless of race, religion, culture or political belief and activities of the Society are carried out within the jurisdiction of India.

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