just like a cup of tea.
Spending time together…
Only you & me..
we talk and laugh..
Our eye light up.
Its clear to see that..
Its called love.

These are sunny days..
Clear light blue sky..
Hot air ballons playing..
So, gracefully, dancing..
No need to rush..
We lay dark bedsheet..
On full of green grass..
Share a picnic among..
Ourselves, unlikly…

The night drawn in..
We snuggle together..
The short of cuddle,
That you could happily..
Stay in for ever.. for us..
Holding hands we share..
A heartfelt tender kiss..
this is happiness, joy
This is bliss. Oh god…

Nirmal Nayak
151, nagarjun colony
Nara Road, jaripatka
Nagpur. Maharastra

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