“Your Love :”

Your love is the only reason to be alive,
It tranquilizes the mind, soothe heart,
Cures all the trauma, an elixir of my life,
A thirst-quenching and hunger-gladness,
A key of my joy, happiness and prosperity.

World has a sun brighten the whole day,
A moon be ablaze the whole night,
Likewise, you’ve a radiant love for me,
Enlighten the present and future vividly,
Smiling on life through mishap and boon.

Love is the resilient trust within dual souls,
An irresistible inner connection through devotion,
A chain of gear-wheel roll towards the edge,
It’s in sight though miles apart away,
A shivering feeling amuse heart without pain.

Your love is a priceless gift for the eternity,
Got me honored and glad overwhelmingly,
Put me in a honey-sweet emotion,
Taste joy, peace, freedom and humanity,
And Live longer than normal kissing every update.

By : Heydayat Ullah
Date : 17/ November/ 2020

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