You Are My First Life

You’re being with someone
Who’s being distant you
I feel not so well
I thought you’re my first life

You’re paying attention
To someone who ignores you
You’re making time for someone
Who’s too busy for you
But remember one thing
Love is love and relation is relation

You’re too caring to
Someone who seems
Careless toward you.
I feel to die to see thy condition

You keep waiting to someone
Who keeps stalling on you
While it’s great moment to fall in love
Even if you don’t try to be with me
I feel you my soulmate

You’re my first life
I agree to sacrifice my life
I agree to sacrifice my blood
I agree to sacrifice my heart
Just for you not for others
To see my condition
Come by and by for me
Then be with me forever
I agree to make you my first life
You’re my world
You’re my heart

By:Zawhir khan
Data: 7/11/2020.

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