Love is life that teaches how to survive in fullness
Love is light that enlightens the heart of darkness
Love is power that conquers the land of despair
Love is a law that deals all sorts of affair
Love is a megnate that attracts and bind each one
Love is nectar that immortalises the deceased one
Love is a stream of joy that delights the quiet
Love is a shower of rain that quenches thirst quite
Love is mesmerising magic that the audience enliven
Love is melodious and mind-blowing music that the deaf can hearken.
Love is divine bond that no one can break whole
Love is indestructible bridge that connects two souls
Love is hope that illumines the path of future
Love is belief that unlocks the door of compromise forever
Love is understanding finds the solution to each problem
Love is talisman for driving away all social evils like flame
Love is adjustment love is cooperation
Love is accomodation love is toleration
Love cares and shares without expectations
None other than love can rescue the world from destruction.
Life without love a heaven or hell
Think my dear where you are to dwell.

@ Ramesh Chandra Pradhani

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