Theme: the hills
Poem title:

As tall as the hill
It is the splendor of ages
Magnificently in the heart of the living to wonder
The beautiful mystery of nature’s gift
As ancient words makes the world

On this hills
Our spectrum of love is staged
A light sheen on the pacesetters of love
The candle of our flaming desire
To glow as the torchlight on Kilimanjaro

On this hills
The sweet melody of the ornament violin
We play
And sing the lullaby songs of king Solomon
As our lips covers each other with kisses
Loosing ourselves to the wonder of love

On this hills
Distress wax and wane
Like the dove that hides in crevices rocks
Ours is a stallion lily
As we love and caress.

Okloho Solomon Okloho
May, 2020
©® Strictly reserved.

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