My eyes are yours
watching a deep cerulean turns slowly into obsidian
charcoal shadow heightens the mysterious beauty
When a satiny robe of night falls elegantly
Blanketed you and me
Dark…oh so dark, our love glints
“Just like your eyes,” you said,

Under the ebony sky
Nature shapes our silhouettes
As a unity of two souls

My hand lies on your chest, gleaming in the moonlight
Sweet melody from your heartbeats softly caresses my fingers’ skin
A voice within
Is a rhythmic melody of ecstatic feeling in silence
Like sacred poetry

How powerful a night, a touch and a serene lake in your eyes
Releasing, freeing, vitalizing
When the porcelain sky gets darker
The two souls get drunk.

Ewith Bahar
(October 28, 2020)

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