The Distance To Someone.

The distance from someone sometimes
Is like a track leads to a stark desert.
Barren, wild and minacious !
Qualms wait in ambush all along the way to tear the trust.

The distance to someone, sometimes
Is like a couloir,
Where massive glaciers of queerness
Slither down heavily.
Chilling wounded wind mourns all the day long.

The distance to someone,
Is like a morass, a quagmire of breach,
The breath often bleeds gashed by –
the sharp edges of yesters.

The distance laments aloud in silence,
It seethes the memories,
Ferments a soul and induces to vanish
In’ the blues.’

The distance from someone sometimes
Is like a suttee,
Where flesh and fervour are burnt alive,
Nothing is held out !
None comes back !

Emmanuel Mettles.
My works my verses.
All rights reserved.

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