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ମାଆ–ମଧୁସ୍ମିତା ମିଶ୍ର
ମୁଁ ସହର ତଳିର ଝିଅ –ପ୍ରିୟଙ୍କା ପ୍ରିୟଦର୍ଶିନୀ ସ୍ବାଇଁ
*ମାନବିକତା ବନାମ ସ୍ୱାର୍ଥପରତା –ରିଙ୍କୁ ମେହେର*
*ସହର ସୁନ୍ଦରୀ କ’ଣ ଗାଁ ର ମହକ ବୁଝି ପାରିବ–ଟିଲି ମଲ୍ଲିକ*
ବାପାମାଆ ମାନେ ଏବେ କୁଆଡେ ଭାରି ଅଦରକାରୀ–ବାଦଲ ପଲେଇ
*ଗାଁ ର ପାଣି ପବନ, ଉଚ୍ଚ ଶିକ୍ଷିତ ବ୍ୟକ୍ତିଙ୍କ ଲାଗି ଲାଞ୍ଛନା-ସୋନାଲି ନାୟକ*
“ଉଷ୍ଣ ଅପରାହ୍ନ” ଆଜିର ସମାଜକୁ ଏକ ଶକ୍ତ ଚାବୁକ- ଝୁନୁ ଦାସ
ଆଧୁନିକତାର ଅନ୍ଧ ପୁଟୁଳି-ପୂଜାରାଣୀ ଦାସ
ସମୟର ମୂଲ୍ୟ ମାନବର ମାନବିକତା ଓ କର୍ତ୍ତବ୍ୟ -ଅରୁଣ ଡାକୁଆ
*’ମୃତ୍ୟୁ ସର୍ବଗ୍ରାସୀ’ ଏକ ସ୍ୱତନ୍ତ୍ର ଉପସ୍ଥାପନା- ଶାଶ୍ଵତୀ ନନ୍ଦ*
“ଉଷ୍ଣ ଅପରାହ୍ନ” ଏକ ଆକଳନ- ତୃପ୍ତିମୟୀ ରାଉଳ
ସମ୍ପର୍କର ମାନେ(ଆଲେଖ୍ୟ ରଚନା)- ପ୍ରିୟଙ୍କା ପ୍ରିୟଦର୍ଶିନୀ ସ୍ୱାଇଁ
Allusions Of Longing–Manoj Kumar Panda
Allusions Of God’s Legacy–Manoj Kumar Panda
Our Volunteers For Suryodaya Shanti Soumitri Sammilani -2023
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ମାଆ–ମଧୁସ୍ମିତା ମିଶ୍ର ମୁଁ ସହର ତଳିର ଝିଅ –ପ୍ରିୟଙ୍କା ପ୍ରିୟଦର୍ଶିନୀ ସ୍ବାଇଁ *ମାନବିକତା ବନାମ ସ୍ୱାର୍ଥପରତା –ରିଙ୍କୁ ମେହେର* *ସହର ସୁନ୍ଦରୀ କ’ଣ ଗାଁ ର ମହକ ବୁଝି ପାରିବ–ଟିଲି ମଲ୍ଲିକ* ବାପାମାଆ ମାନେ ଏବେ କୁଆଡେ ଭାରି ଅଦରକାରୀ–ବାଦଲ ପଲେଇ *ଗାଁ ର ପାଣି ପବନ, ଉଚ୍ଚ ଶିକ୍ଷିତ ବ୍ୟକ୍ତିଙ୍କ ଲାଗି ଲାଞ୍ଛନା-ସୋନାଲି ନାୟକ* “ଉଷ୍ଣ ଅପରାହ୍ନ” ଆଜିର ସମାଜକୁ ଏକ ଶକ୍ତ ଚାବୁକ- ଝୁନୁ ଦାସ ଆଧୁନିକତାର ଅନ୍ଧ ପୁଟୁଳି-ପୂଜାରାଣୀ ଦାସ ସମୟର ମୂଲ୍ୟ ମାନବର ମାନବିକତା ଓ କର୍ତ୍ତବ୍ୟ -ଅରୁଣ ଡାକୁଆ *’ମୃତ୍ୟୁ ସର୍ବଗ୍ରାସୀ’ ଏକ ସ୍ୱତନ୍ତ୍ର ଉପସ୍ଥାପନା- ଶାଶ୍ଵତୀ ନନ୍ଦ* “ଉଷ୍ଣ ଅପରାହ୍ନ” ଏକ ଆକଳନ- ତୃପ୍ତିମୟୀ ରାଉଳ ସମ୍ପର୍କର ମାନେ(ଆଲେଖ୍ୟ ରଚନା)- ପ୍ରିୟଙ୍କା ପ୍ରିୟଦର୍ଶିନୀ ସ୍ୱାଇଁ Allusions Of Longing–Manoj Kumar Panda ALLUSIONS OF PELLUCID–Manoj Kumar Panda Allusions Of God’s Legacy–Manoj Kumar Panda ALLUSIONS OF MY ROUTE –Manoj Kumar Panda ALLUSIONS OF MY CLOSED EYES–Manoj Kumar Panda ALLUSIONS OF TEARDROPS-Manoj Kumar Panda ALLUSIONS OF FORTUNE–Manoj Kumar Panda Our Volunteers For Suryodaya Shanti Soumitri Sammilani -2023

The Dark Dimension

The giant teddy bear chases after Mash and Bran. It will stop at nothing to catch them. They run round trees, while it runs through them. Breaking them apart. It stops and picks up one of the huge trees then throws it at Mash and Bran. Mash sees it coming and jumps for bran for them to duck. The tree flies over them and makes a loud noise as it hits the ground, it hits into other trees, breaking them right before it comes to a stop. As much damage as it cause to the other trees and the ground, who knows what it would have done if it hit any if the two.

The did not notice but the bear caught up to them when they were focused on the tree it threw. As Mash and Bran try to get up, they both see a huge fist from the bear heading their way. Mash pushes bran out of the way as she dives out of the way too. The bear misses and it’s fist digs into the ground.

Mash sees this as an opportunity, she jumps onto the hand and grabs on as the bear pulls it out of the ground. it tries to grab Mash off it’s hand with it’s other one, but she it too fast. It misses the grab, she takes the opportunity and jumps on the other hand. She is incredibly inhanced and jumping, given her hunter powers. She runs up the bears hand onto it’s shoulders. As it fights off Mash, it notices Bran trying to run towards the tower, it lifts it’s legs to step on him. He is running as fast as he can but not fast enough. His Vampire speed is gone. His trips on a branch and falls. The fear in his eyes is non like ever seen before as he watches the huge foot approaching above him. His looks away in fear for there is nothing he can do at this point. Some seconds later, he realizes that the foot has not reached him yet. He opens his eyes to see why and he finds the bear has frozen. It’s glowing eyes slowly turn off, and he can see the life in it fading away. The bear slowly falls to the ground lifeless. It’s body produces a loud bang as it reaches the ground, and the area becomes dusty.

Bran get’s up confused about what just happened. He is scared but he slowly walks towards the bear that lays on the ground.

” Mashael? Mashael?” He calls as he looks for her.

She does not respond, but he hears her panting in pain somewhere around. He rushes towards the sound and finds her sitted on the ground trying to fix her dislocated shoulder.

” Ohhh, that’s nasty.” He says upon seeing how lifeless her arm looks.

He heads towards her to try and help.

” Don’t touch me!” She shouts with anger. Even after saving him multiple times, she still despises him.

He steps away and watches her struggle to fix herself. But she can not manage to put the dislocated shoulder back in place on her own.

She gives up and stares at him. She sighs and looks away. He knows that she has approved his help but Mash is one that would never ask directly. He walks towards her and grabs her arm.

” It’s going to hurt really bad, don’t you need to bite on something?”

” Just do it! ” She says.

” Alright, you the boss. ” He says, before she even expects it, Bran quickly pulls her arm and twists it back in place.

Mash growls in pain for a while. After that, he helps her up.

” What happened?” Bran asks, referring to the teddy bear monster.

” Off switch.” Mash says as she massages her arm.

” Off switch?”

” Yes. It has an off switch on it’s back.”

” How did you know about that?”

” I didn’t. I just thought since you said this bear is in the image of the toy you got Diana, and this is her mind, i was hoping she created it exactly like her toy. Back at the house when we got separated, the room i was stuck in had the toy version of the teddy bear and it had a switch on the back.” Mash sags as she walks towards the gates of the tower.

” That explains alot. But wait…” Bran stops Mash, ” Back at the forest when we were being chased by the hollow creature, you were faster than me, how? I mean i can not use my Vampire abilities in here. I’m not sure I’m even a vampire anymore. ”

” We are in your daughters mind. Everything in here plays out by her rules. Maybe this is how she wishes you to be. A normal person. ” Mash says. She opens the gates and as soon as they both step across, they somehow find themselves inside the tower. They are on the highest floor.

They look behind themselves in shock of what jist happened. The gates are gone. They are nolonger outside.

” My child has a freaky mind.” Bran jokes.

” She is a young witch with a psychopath dad. Of course her mind will be broken.” Mash says with her usual straight face.

” Alright, so where are we now?”

” I don’t kn… ” Before mash finishes, they both hear the voice of a little girl counting coming from behind a door near them.

” 7254. 7255. 7256. 7257….” The voice continues to count.

Bran and Mash walk towards the door and open it. They walk in. The inside looks just like Diana’s bedroom too. On the bed, lays somebody who is hiding under the sheets. She’s the one counting.

Bran walks towards the bed. He hesitates a bit and takes a deep breath before he pulls the sheets off the bed. He might think it could be another hollow creature playing tricks just like in the woods. When he pulls the sheets off, it exposes a little girl who is shaking with fear as she counts.

” Diana is that you?” Bran asks softly.

” The Daddy?” The girl opens her eyes and as soon as she sees him, she quickly jumps in for a tight hug as she cries.

He hugs her back and kisses her head multiple times in excitement.

” It’s really you. I am so sorry darling. I am so sorry.”

” You took long daddy.” Diana says, ” You said when I’m scared i should close my eyes and count, and you would come to my rescue before i even reach 10. But you took long Daddy. I was really scares. ” She cries.

” I know darling. I’ll never do it again alright. ” He says as he stares in her eyes with so mich love. She is the only person he ever looks at like that.

Diana finally notices Mash, ” Mashael! You came too!” She shouts in excitement and runs towards her for a hug.

” Hey sweetheart.” Mash replies in excitement too as she goes on her knees to hug Diana back.

” I missed you so much. Daddy said you were never coming back to see me. That you went far far away. But i knew he was just lying. You can never leave me. ” Diana says out of her breath.

” You are right darling. I’ll always come back for you. After all, you’re my hero. ” Mash caressess her hair.

” This is the best day ever. I’m glad you and Daddy came together. I love to see you two work together instead of fighting everytime. ” Mash and Bran look at each other awkwardly.

” Tell me sweatheart. What happened? How did you end up here.”

” I don’t know. When Daddy put me to bed, i couldn’t sleep, so i started playing with my teddy bear. Then three black birds came flying into my room through the window and they turned into people. They told me they were here to help me sleep. So they used their magic and put me to sleep. Then i woke up in this tower. Daddy was not here and nobody else was here. I tried to go outside but there was a monster so i ran upstairs and found my room. I was really scared and that’s when i hid in my blankets and started counting.”

Mash get’s up and walks towards Bran, ” She counted to 7261. She was counting almost at the pace of seconds which means she has been in here for about 2 hours. ” Mash says.

” But she was asleep for days in the real world. ” Bran whispers so that Diana doesn’t hear.

” Time moves slowly in here compared to the real world.”

” Wait, so for you and i, how long has it been in the real world? ”

Mash has an expression of realization, ” Long enough for the witches to get through with their plan. ”

” What plan? ” Bran asks.

” I don’t know. But Diana says three birds came flying in her room. It must have been them. ”

Bran walks towards Diana,” Sweetheart, do you remember the faces of the people who put you to sleep?”

” No. But they were women, and they were all speaking at the same time sometimes. As if they were one. ”

” It is them. This must all be part of their plan. Putting her to sleep, so that you could fetch me. But why?”

” Looks like you were right. They are really up to something. Witches are deceiving. ”

” Which witches Daddy? The bad ones? ”

” Yes hunny. The bad ones. ”

” Where are we Daddy. And why does this tower have a room that looks like mine? I wanna go home. They’re monsters here. ” Diana says and hugs Bran.

Mash walks towards them, ” Yes Darling. We are going home. This will be hard for you to understand but right now we are in your mind. The bad witches did a spell on us and put us in your mind. But you are stronger than them. You can use your powers to get us out. Can you do that sweetheart? ”

Diana nodes with doubt.

” Alright. Remember when Daddy told you that your powers are like wishes? You just wish for something and it will happen? ” Mash says.

Diana nodes against.

” Good. That’s what i want you to do. This whole place and everything around us is not real. It is all in your mind. So i want you to concentrate and wish it all away.”

” I can’t. I already tried. This place is filled with bad energy. I can feel it around us. I tried to bring Daddy here but it created a beast instead. I tried to wish my teddy bear here but it created a giant monster that wanted to kill me. I am scared. ”

” I know you’re scared darling, but we are here for you now. Remember when i almost died and you used you magic to bring me back? ” Mash says.

Diana nodes.

” I want you to do that again darling. Right now we are all going to die if we don’t get out of here. ”

Brans holds Diana’s face, ” Hey hunny. I want you to be brave. You want to be a warrior like Mash right?” His voice is soft and convincing.

Diana nodes again.

” Good, these are the types of things warriors do. Mash saves people. You can also save us. ”

” I can save us. ” Diana repeats.

” Yes. ”

Mash and Bran step away from her. She stands in the middle of the room as she closes her eyes to focus. Bran is nervous and it shows by how he keeps shaking his hand and breathing heavily. Mashael is nervous too, but she never shows it physically.

After a while, Diana starts to whisper in another language that neither Mash nor Bran understand. Even though they could understand, they still wouldn’t hear what she is saying because she is speaking too fast.

Everything around starts to tremble. The whole place starts to bend towards Diana, as though she is pulling it all. The things in the room begin to fly and disappear into Diana’s body but she does not move an inch. The walls collapse more and more towards Diana. The whole world feels like it’s shaking. Then suddenly, everything freezes as Diana goes silent. The furniture that was flying around also freezes in the air. She has stopped talk nor moving.

” Diana?” Bran whispers in fear.

He swerves through the floating things as he walks towards Diana. As he gets closer to her, he realizes that her body is vibrating faster than he can ever ran in his vampire speed. The vibration is causing her body to release some dark fog, that has settled around her skin.

” Diana?” He calls out again as he reaches his hand to touch her.

As soon as his hand touches her skin, she screams very loudly and her body releases a force so strong that it rips apart the whole place, including Mash and Bran.

A moment later, they all wake up in the witches’ house . They are back in the real world. As soon as Bran wakes up, he sees the witches sitting around Diana chanting spells. He tries to run towards her only to realize his hands are tied up in chains. Mash too.

” What are you doing to her?” Bran shouts in anger.

The witches do not respond. They continue performing their spell.

Bran tries to pull himself loose from the chains but they are too strong.

” What are you doing to her!!!!” He shouts in so much anger that his eyes turn red, the black veins underneath his skin show. His Vampire fangs are exposed. The rage on his face is like nothing Mash has ever seen. She even backs away from him. Nit in fear, but to give him space.

The witches hold a colorless crystal above Diana’s face as their chanting gets louder. Suddenly, the whole house begins to shake. Suddenly, dark energy comes bursting out of Diana’s mouth into the crystal as she screams in pain. The crystal is absorbing the energy while the witches hold it firm and continues chanting.

Seeing Diana in so much pain only makes Bran more angry. More veins pop out of his pale white vampire-dry skin. He tries to super speed out of the chains but he fails again.

” I will kill you all. Let her go!!” He screams.

The witches ignore him again.

He falls to his knees. Panting helplessly, ” Please let her go. You are hurting her.” He begs softly.

The dark energy has finished coming out from Diana’s body. The crystal has turned pure black. Diana passes out. The witches finish their spell and get up. Two of them go to put the crystal into a small box. Holding it as careful as they can and looking at it with so much amazement. The other witch walks towards Bran and stand where he can not reach her.

” Bran the most viscous vampire anybody knows is begging on his knees.” She mocks him.

” What have you done to her?” He asks.

” Don’t worry, she’ll be alright. We think.” The witches speak at the same time this time.

” What are you doing?” Mash asks.

” Well we always tell you. Witches are smart, and you fell into our trap once again. You see we are the ones who put Diana in the dark dimension.”

” Why? ”

” We wanted the dark energy. Witches absorb dark energy when put in the dark dimension. And Diana was the perfect witch for the job.” The third witch says.

” Either one of the three of us would have gone in. But you know, it’s hard to come out of the dark dimension. We knew if we were to put Diana in, her desperate father would do anything to get her out. Even come begging for our help. He didn’t know that he was just doing exactly what we wanted him to do. ” The witches speak at the same time once more.

The first witch steps forward and speaks alone, ” The longer Diana stayed in the dark dimension, the more dark energy she absorbed. But we could only extract the dark energy from her body when she is out of the dark dimension. That’s where Mashael plays her part. She’s the only one who has ever been able to get out of that place alice. So we knew she was the only one who could get Diana out for us. That’s why we sent her desperate father to fetch you Mash. ”

The witches speak at the same time, ” That was our plan. Put Diana in the dark dimension so she could collect dark energy for us. Let her father bring her to us at his own will to beg for help. Convince him to find Mashael. We put you two in Diana’s dark dimension. You two bring her out and we collect our dark energy from Diana.”

” Why? What’s the dark energy for? ” Mash asks.

The second witch walks towards Mash and speaks alone, ” Somebody whose going to grant us a huge favor.”

Mash shows some fear on her face after hearing that. As though she has an idea of who they are talking about.

” Who?” Mash asks.

” We won’t tell.” The first witch speak at the same time.

” How are you doing that?” Mash asks.

” Doing what?” The witch asks.

” How are you able to speak individually without the others? You all always speak the same things at the same time. So how are you all able to speak individually sometimes.”

” Awww she noticed. Classic observant Mashael.” The witches all say.

The third witch walks towards Mash, ” So you do know how the 3 of us were born triplets, and you already know that we share the same mind. Which means, what each one of us is thinking, is what we are all thinking. Which means what each one of us is thinking of saying, is what we are all thinking of saying, abd that’s why we always speaks the same at the same time. Well, we found a way to change that.”

” I thought it was impossible.” Bran says.

” It was. Until we met our guy. He is going to help us separated our minds from each other. We are finally going to be free from each other’s mind. He has already done it half way and that is why at times we are able to speak individually, at times we’re not. But once we deliver the dark energy to him, he will complete the process. A favor for a favor.

Bran tries to force himself loose again using his vampire strength but he fails.

” Don’t bother vampire, you can not get loose. Those chains are bound with magic. It is impossible for you to break out. ”

” You got what you want. Let us loose. ” Mash says.

The first witch walks towards Mash and whispers, ” Why? So that you can kill us?”

” Yes.” Mash replies.

The witches all laugh, ” We love it when you say that. So much confidence. I mean who will even let you loose if you tell them that you are going to kill them. Are you stupid? Can’t you atleast lie for once in your life. I mean, why tell us what you’ll really do to us when we set you free? ”

” Because i don’t want it to hit you by surprise. I want you to see it coming. It hurts more when you see it coming. ”

” You really know how to scare people Mash.” The third witch says.

” Anyway. We have to get going now. We have to deliver the dark crystal to the person who sent us and get our favor. We could kill you all, but where’s the fun in that.” The witches all say as they head towards the door.

” If you are going to come back and kill us, would you atleast tell us the name of the person who wants the dark energy? It won’t make any difference. ”

” You’re right. ” The first witch says.

” But we can’t tell you because he has no name. ” The second witch says.

” He only calls himself THE SAVIOR. He grants people favors. ” The third witch says.

” Anyway, we’re going now. Bye bye. Back soon! Make yourself at home. There’s some food in the kitchen if you can reach it. ” The witches joke all at once as they leave.

” I will kill you! I WILL KILL YOU ALL!!” Bran shouts in pain and anger

⚔️ [DIVINE WARS] 🛡️®
🆘 [BOOK (2) : UNLEASHED] ☯️


(The Hunter, The Vampire and The Apocalypse)

Mash, Bran and Diana are still tied up in the Witch’s house. It has been thirty minutes since the witches left.

Bran’s wrists are bruised by the chains. He seems exhausted and helpless. He takes some steps backwards and takes a deep breath. He tries to super speed towards the young Diana who still lays unconscious on the floor. The chains pull him back and the force is so strong that you can hear his bones breaking. He screams in pain and gets back up. He steps backwards again and does it again, but still the chains keep pulling him back. His wrist bones keep breaking and healing.

” Just stop it already! It won’t work just like the other 48 times you’ve tried it. ” Mash says.

” They hurt my little girl. I need to get out of these chains.” Bran says.

He steps backwards again and takes another deep breath. But as he is about to try again, some people walk in. Three men and one Woman.

” Bran?” One of the men says upon seeing Bran in chains. They all rush towards Bran.

” Stan.” Bran breaths as he falls to his knees in relief.

” What happened?” The other man says as he also.

” The witches. But don’t mind me. Please help Diana. ” Bran commands.

The woman rushes towards the child and checks her, ” She will be alright. She is just unconscious.”

Bran sighs in relief. ” They did all this. It was all part of their plan. They were the ones who put Diana in the dark dimension. They wanted her to collect dark energy for them. ”

Stan tries to break the chains with his vampire strength but fails too.

” It is no use. They are magical chains. Only Fedriq can manage. ” Bran says.

” Alright stand back.” Fedrik says.

They all back away from Bran. Fedrik chants some words in a different language, not long after, the chains break from Brans wrist.

He immediately rushes towards his daughter and hugs her, ” I am so sorry. I am so sorry.”

” Get me out of these chains.” Mash says.

Fedriq looks at Bran waiting for approval.

” Set her free.” Bran says as her carries Diana in his hands.

” But Boss…”

” I SAID SET HER FREE!” Bran commands Fedriq.

Fedriq performs the spell and sets Mash free too.

” Thank you for helping me. I owe you one.” Bran says to Mash.

Mash says nothing. She notices her weapons on a table nearby and goes to collect them.

” If the witches did not take him, then your horse mist be locked up in the horse house outside.”

” Gandalf? ” Mash asks in shock and a bit of excitement.

” Yes. Back in the woods, the day we kidnapped you, apparently he saw us and followed us back hear. The witches captured him. ”

Mash nodes slightly. ” How long has it been? ” Mash asks Stan.

” What?” Stan asks.

” When was the last time you saw Bran?”

” Two days ago. He was missing for two days and we’ve been looking for him. We finally tracked him back here. Apparently the witches put some spell on this place that kept you hidden from us. That’s why we couldn’t find you even though this was the first place we looked. ” Stan says.

” 2 days ago, that was the day i brought you here.” Bran says to Mash.

” Which means we’ve been in the dark dimension for 2 days. ” Mash says as she walks towards the door.

” So, what are you going to do next?” Bran asks.

” I’m going to find the witches. The person they are going to deliver the dark energy to. The one who will grant them a favor. If I’m right, then he is the same person i was looking for back in Edinburgh, the man of favors. So if i find the witches, they will lead me straight to him. Then i can kill them all. ”

” Well alright. But make sure you find them before me, because if i find them first, I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep them alive for long enough for you to talk to them. ” Bran says as he stares at Diana who he is carrying in his arms.

Bran and his gang super speed out of the place except Fedriq, who is not a vampire but a witch.

” I hate it when they do that.” Fedriq says as he also walks out.

About 25 days later. Mash rides Gandalf towards a huge mansion. She reaches the gates and gets off the horse. Gandalf starts to neigh in as though he has seen a ghost.

Mash rubs his neck, ” i know boy, back to this place. We have alot of bad history here. But we were called here. Stay alert, incase something goes wrong.”

Mash leaves Gandalf outside the gates. She approaches and walks in. As soon as she steps inside, she finds herself surrounded by 11 Vampires who look angry and ready to attack her. Mashael is also careful and observing all of them, waiting for them to attack her.

” Hunter, you shouldn’t have come back here.” One of the Vampires says with his fangs out sharp and his eyes as dark as night. His skin has dark veins popping out. Just like all the other vampires.

” Hello Derrick. How’s your arm.” Mash says sarcastically. Derrick only has one arm. By the looks of his reaction to Mash’s words, it seems she is the one who cut of his arm.

Her words make him more angry and he tries to attack, but he gets stopped by a voice in the back. It is Bran’s Voice.

” Back down friends. I’m the one who called her here. Today she is here for a friendly matter. ” Bran says. The Vampires walk away.

Bran taps Derrick on the shoulder as he walks passed him, ” Don’t worry Derrick, you’ll get your revenge some day. Or not.” He jokes.

Mash stares at the vampires as they leave staring back at her with their scariest eyes. But it does not seem to scare her.

” Bran.” Mash says.

” Mashael the hunter! My favorite frenemy.” Bran says as he approaches Mash with his arms wide open for a hug. Mash gives him a deadly stare that shows that she is rejecting the hug.

” What am i doing here?” Mash asks.

” Well, i called you here because i owe you one, for helping me help Diana.” Bran says as him and Mash walk towards the back of Bran’s Mansion.

” Where’s Diana? ” Mash asks.

” She’s at Elizabeth’s place. But she’s alright, don’t worry. Wait, where are my manners? Do you want some tea?”

” Just tell me what you called me here for.”

Bran stops by a well and smiles at Mash, ” Classic Mashael. You know better than anybody, never eat at an enemies house. I wasn’t really going to give you the tea anyway.”

” I have a lot of things to do Bran. You’re wasting my time.”

” Oh right. I forgot to ask, how is your witch hunt going? Did you find them?”

” Still hunting. They seem to have left town, but I’m getting close.”

” You’re actually closer than you think sweetheart.” Bran smirks as he spins the well handle that pulls the bucket out from the well.

Instead of a bucket tied to the rode, it is actually one of the witches. She is tied to the rope with some metal tied to her feet that are prolly to make sure she sinks in the water.

” I told you to not let me find them first, else I’ll kill all of them. But you got lucky i remembered what you did for Diana and I in the dark dimension. So i saved you one.”

” What happened to the other two?” Mash asks.

” I killed them. You know me well Mashael, it’s not easy for me to keep people who hurt my daughter alive. So you must appreciate that i managed to keep this one for you for two days. Two whole days! I’m getting soft.”

Mash walks towards the witch who is coughing out water. Her skin is pale, dry and cracky, even though she is wet. Her lips are also white and cracky. The skin around her eyes is black. The sunlight seems to be too bright for her, as though she had been in the dark for too long. She looks weak and in pain. She is shaking.

” I am so hungry. I am so thirsty.” She says in a low and weak voice.

” Thirsty? She was in water but she is thirst. What did you do to her?” Mash asks Bran.

” Well, when i killed her sisters, she was nolonger a witch because you know, the three of them drew power from each other. I was going to keep her alive, but i still wanted to see her in pain. So i turned her into a vampire and put her in the well 3 days ago. She is a vampire now and can not die. So she has been drowning over and over again for 3 days. Imagine the pain. And on top of that, i never fed her any blood after turning her, so that is why she is hungry and thirsty, for blood.” Bran says.

Mash walks closer to her. ” Can you speak?” She asks.

The witch goes vampire on Mash and tries to attack her, but her whole body is tied up in chains. She calms down after a while.

” Please.. feed me. It hurts. It hurts so bad. I feel like my insides are burning.” She cries out to Mash.

Mash brings out her pocket knife and cuts her own palm. She puts her palm above the weak witch who lays on the ground helpless. The blood from Mash’s palm drips into the witch’s mouth. The witch opens her mouth wider and wider enjoying the blood. She gets too desperate after gaining some energy and tries to bite Mash’s hand, but Mash withdraws quickly.

” Give Mash what she wants, and maybe i will rethink feeding you.” Bran says.

The witch nodes desperate fir more blood.

” The dark energy, where is it?” Mash asks.

The witch struggles to talk but she forces herself for the sake of being fed, ” It’s gone. We delivered it to him.”

” What did he want it for?”

” To open an ancient door.”

” What door?”

” The doors to Freriks temple. He said inside is the gateway to paradise. He is going to bring paradise on earth. Freriks Temple has two gates. The first gate leads to the second. The second gate is…”

” Is what?? The second gate is what?”

” He showed us. We never knew what we were doing until he showed. But it was too late. We led him to it.” She cries.

” Led him to what?”

” When he opens the second gate, bad things will come out. Really bad things.”

” Has he opened any of the gates?”

” He tricked us. The favor he was going to offer us. He managed to separate me and my sisters from each other’s minds after delivering him the dark energy. But he tricked us. He said the first time he separated us halfway, was the first favor, and we repaid it by delivering the dark energy Crystal. Then by finish the process of separating us fully, that was a second favor granted. So we had to repay that favor too, and when you make a deal with him, there is no going back. You have to do your part. When he grants you a favor, then you’ve sold yourself to him until you repay the favor. There is no escape. So we had to repay the second favor too. He asked us to open the first gate of Freriks Temple.”

” Did you?”

” It took days, alot of hard work and use of forbidden magic, but we managed to do it. After opening the gates, he then showed us his plans. Darkness is coming. World wide darkness.” The witch says in fear.

” What about the second gate?”

” The second gate can only be opened by one key, a sword actually. THE DIVINE SWORD. Bit he can not activate it. He said only one person can activate the sword to open the second gate.”

” Monica.” Mash whispers to herself.

” Only 11 days left. He said in 19 days, and there is only 13 days left.”

” Where is he?” Mash asks.

” I don’t know.”

” Then how did you find him when delivering the dark crystal?”

” We didn’t. You don’t find him, he finds you.”

” Fuck this. ” Mash says as she walks away from the witch.

” But he always met us somewhere near the mad King’s kingdom. I know that tight now he must be somewhere in the mad King’s kingdom. He said that’s where the last piece is. The piece that can activate the Divine sword.”

” So he is not even far from here.” Bran says.

Before he finishes, one of his Vampire servants comes rushing to the well.

” Boss, we have a problem.” The servant says. He looks scared and bloody.

” What problem? ”

” The church has been attacked. I managed to get away but i think everyone else is dead. ”

” Who attacked you? ”

” I don’t know. A new vampire.

” So one Vampire killed all of you? You all failed to kill one bloody Vampire?” Bran says in anger as he grabs the servant by the neck.

” He is not like anything I’ve seen before boss. He was stronger and faster than any of us, and he had wings. ”

” It is him.” The witch says in fear.

” What? ”

” It is him. The man of favors, he takes many forms and has many faces.”

” He was with a girl too sir. She was not a vampire but she was also strong. She must have been a witch, or a sorcerer or something, but she could move things with her man. She ripped our people in half without even touching them. ”

” Which church was it. ” Bran asks and throws the servant to the ground.

” The one outside the mad King’s kingdom.”

” Are they still there?”

” I don’t know, i left them fighting. ”

” Alright, call Derrick and the others. We are going to the church. NOW!! ” Bran screams and immediately super speeds away. The other vampire also follows.

” Please set me free Mash. Help me please.” The witch cries out as Mash rushes away.

Somewhere near the mad King’s kingdom, Mash finally arrives at the Bran’s servant was talking about. She gets off Gandalf as she walks towards the bodies that lay on the ground. There are alot of dead vampires. Some are ripped apart, some have their heads twisted, some do not even have heads. Mash walks past the dead bodies towards the church doors. Before she can even open the doors, some one else opens them from inside. Two people come rushing out with smiles on their faces. They stop upon noticing Mash. It is a Man and a woman. They match the description Bran’s servant gave.

Mash can not believe her eyes as she recognizes the woman.

” Monica?” She whispers in shock.

” Mash. ” Monica whispers back in shock too. But a second later, her facial expression switches from ‘How are you still alive’ to ‘I don’t care.’

The man with Monica pulls her away. Monica looks away from Mash in disgust and hatred as and ignores her as though she does not even know her.

As they walk passed Mash, mash grabs Monica’s wrist to stop her. Immediately she touches her hand, Mash freezes for a moment. Her red and blue eyes glow as she stares in blank space as though she has seen something. A vision perhaps. A moment later she snaps out of it and comes back to reality. Her face filled with fear and shock. She has seen something bad, you can tell by her look.

” What have you done?” She whispers to Monica in disappointment.

Monica gets angry and a bit ashamed. She immediately pushes Mash on the chest so hard that it sends her flying through the church doors and passes out inside the church as her body crashes into a wall.

Later. Gandalf wakes Mash up. Mash wakes up in the church filled with more dead bodies.

” She finally awakens.” A voice speaks. It is Bran’s.

He is sitting in the front stage of the church as he fixes his broken arm for it to heal back in place.

” What happened?” Mash asks while she walks through the bodies towards Bran.

” The bloody fuckers knocked me out before i could do anything. Killed most of my guys. They never even stood a chance against those two.

Mash walks towards on of the bodies and touches it. Her eyes glow again as she uses her hunter powers to see what the dead body saw. It is one of her power. She can see what people have seen just by touching them.

Bran walks towards her, ” Who were they? Do you know those people?”

” It was them, i know it was them. I can’t believe she has changed so much in just a short period of time.” Mash says as she withdraws her hand from the body.

Mash feels something approaching from the back, she turns around to see. She can not believe her eyes. What she is seeing is not physically there. It is like a shadow, or spiritual energy, but she can see it. She recognizes it.

” Henry?” She says in shock.

One of the dead vampire’s hand grabs Henry’s leg and immediately after that, he vanishes.

” Who are you talking to? There’s nobody there. You must have knocked your head too hard and now you’re hallucinating. ” Bran says.

Mash knows what she saw was not a hallucination, but she ignore it for now and get’s back to Bran.

” So, my question? Who are those people?” Bran asks again.

” I only know the girl. Monica. She is the person i was saving in Edinburgh. The demons you found me fighting where not after me. They were after her. But i saved her from them, and i am starting to think i made a very big mistake. ” Mash says with so much fear.

” What do you mean? ”

” She killed all these vampires, but that’s not her. She never used to kill. She was a nice and innocent girl some days ago. But today before she knocked me out, i touched her arm and i saw it. All those things she has seen. All those people she has killed with that same man. She has changed alot. She is not the Monica i once knew. ”

” Well, she is the one who knocked me out too, she mist have thought i was dead. She is so strong. I have never seen a power quite like hers. What is she? ” Bran asks.

Mash walks towards Bran and looks him in the eyes. Her face tells alot about what she is feeling; fear; confusion; Disappointment; Conflicted. And it shows that most of it is because of what she just saw.

” Mash, who is the girl?” Bran asks upon noticing the fear on Mash’s face. It is getting to him too.

” The apocalypse. She is the end of the world.” Mash says.


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