That Night

The night was dark like condensed pitch
All the fear were howling each
Hooting hissing adhere everywhere
An old aged ugly owl was in it’s soar
Night creatures were whispering low
As they were constructing devastating flow
One lady with a lamp walking alone
In a dark wood distance mere furlong
Suddenly a sharp beak haunted her
Like a devil’s rough rude fur
The lamp dropped from her hand and blown off
Shouted the lady in a frightened stuff
No noise no breathe no life was there
The devil came to the lady to snatch her soul a far
One by one all souls will be gathered
As the evils reign coming very near
Weeps and sobs were scattered in the wood
Sky was covered with a dark reddish cloud.
©®Shampa Saha
Dtd- 27/10/2020

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