She Is On The Way

I ask this moment to stay
‘Coz there is so much I have to convey
I yell and shout, I ask my heart not to get swayed,
As she still says, she’s on the way.
Years have gone by,
I for her glimpse,
But all of it seems so much in vain,
As I still wait to breathe her scent,
I lose myself, what to do again?
I see people getting their hair braided,
I see people being fed,
And then I see their joy, their mom,
But I have an empty chair beside me instead.

No hand to tap my forehead when I’m in pain,
No lullaby to make me sleep,
I don’t see a smile, to forget my sorrow,
I don’t have a shoulder to place my head and weep.

But as I miss her, I miss myself,
‘Coz she’s the only one who fills life in me,
When the right time comes,
I’m sure her glimpse,
I’ll get to see.

I’m still waiting for you with patience
Come to me, Mom, and hug me tight,
‘Coz it’s only when I find you around,
That I feel everything is all right.

Anisha Mahapatra

Aswapuram, Telangana

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