Heydayet Ullah Heydayet Khan, Myanmar

Heydayet Ullah Heydayet Khan
Representative of Suryodaya Literary Foundation (SLF)
From Myanmar (Burma)

Heydayet Ullah Heydayet Khan is a son of Foyaz Mahmuda. He came of from a big lineage of Maadu Halima’s family in southern Arakan State of Myanmar. He was born in such a place where there was no chance to gather an enchanted education: professionalism, majors and graduation,etc… However, he could finished his matriculation; passed the exam to enter the university among many hazardous obstacles in Myanmar in last 2017. And, It was an ultimate opportunity of his learning career for his lifetime. In 2017, August there was a huge anti-Muslim riot broke out in Myanmar against Rohingya minority who are the most persecuted people around the world. The Myanmar military set fire their houses, villages; killed many innocent people regardless of young and old. Finally, they had to flee to the neighboring country Bangladesh just to save their lives.

Morever, he is a teacher by profession and a poet by passion, an eager learner and a pacific asylum seeker. He actively started writing poetry, quotes and short stories since December,2019. Since then, he has been winning multiple awards from the international poetry contests and evaluations among many writers and most of his poems are featured in many online poetry platforms, anthology, and magazines such as in Bharat Vision, International Cultural Forum for Humanity and Creativity and etc…. Recently, he was selected as a prestigious poet from Gujarat Sahitya Academy on the occasion of 74th independence day of India among many selectees of 350 writers from eighty countries.He also received the silver categorized award from a world’s most active writers forum “ Motivational Strips”. He also Deserve the SLF YOUTH ICON AWARD-2020 FROM Suryodaya Literary Foundation (SLF)

He now lives in the world largest refugee camp, Cox’s bazaar, Bangladesh where over one million people took shelters. He has been being alived there with the passion of writing poetry, quotes and short stories and writing and reading of them becomes his habitual actions.