As whimsical thy crippled measures of acclamation
Effrontery waves guileful hindering the truth of humanity
Feigning honest virtues cuddling the erroneous emotions
Promises of perseverance drizzling out of derided shafts
Callousness day or night like a medication inscribed in hearts

Entwining the beads of hope with the thread of placidity with a smile rueful
Apocalyptic flames start and end within you
Each time mending delicious laws to hide derelictions
They state the grapes of stoicism as delectable a mawkish ode
Preludes the littering ashes to smell the blooded wind

Rules by the officials strangulating the prerogatives
Smashed my heart with a spear of bombshells
Drenched in fear we look at them in tears unruly
On one side my hands on the other side millions
Panting for the rights unscrupulous blows emanated

Rest in Peace or leave the game a slogan they muttered
With each step rearward the light disappeared in pain
After the malignancy it rooted for another sunrise
Waited habitually for the next elections with hopes of trust
We are better than this trailblazers of crumbling racks
As a waiver our life they demanded to upsurge the needs as a human

©️Vandana Sudheesh

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