Warm winds are bidding farewell
and to notify cool winds are ringing the bell.
Sky is overload with dark, black cloud
and is sporadically roaring loud.
Here comes the time,
Sky’s eyes are sheding rain,
intolerably they are suffering pain.
It’s mourning is creating blunder,
giving rise to lightning and thunder.
Sky’s tears are painful
but it’s upshot for human is joyful.
Earth is drinking the drop of rain
and the heart broken fellows are getting a chance to wash out pain.
The petrichor of earth is spreading pleasure,
which is a bit difficult to measure.
The farmers are dancing,
the frogs are hooping
and the earthworm out there are romancing.
Till August sky will continue to shed rain,
out of doubt it will suffer pain.
With petition we’ll console the sky
and with prayer we’ll make it’s wish qualify.
God is allowing the sky to withstand pain
to let His children enjoy the rain.
Father God is merciful
pity that His children are ungrateful.

—— Alisha Sadangi. Jeypore, Koraput


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