Portrait Of a Poet

The poet is an embossed pain,
he grovel through his bitter dreams
burning in the soul a brushwood of the sun,
illuminating the Earth with fantastic significance,
revealing the virtue from the sin.

The poet speaks the language of the magic flutes
and his verse sings like a rain violin
letting nostalgia to burn inside us
with sonnet splendors from mystical metaphors,
gilded in divine powder
and in the emotion of the poet’s tear.

The poet is a star in a trance
with auroras of light rising from grace.
The poet is humble
like an angel clothed in golden rags.
The poet is profound
with the apex of the pen soaked in abyss.

Let’s take refuge in poetry!
In verses the divine tear was broken
with millions of essences of the word
and beauties that are still dividing
from the ink of a thirst for absolute.

Copyright @ Corina Junghiatu

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