The blue sky wore grey and dull array,
Tedious cloud made the world dark,
The swallows are flying high above hopefully,
The scorched desert, pond and brook are being appreciated,
The withered plants and grasses desirably await the coming rain.

When the hailstones fall on the earth,
It gladdens merrily, be a lush garden to see the greeny blessing of Lord,
The frogs are croaking and croaking tirelessly,
The water falling roaringly from the hill,
It fills the gutter, pond and brook with flood.

When the rainy season prevails on the earth,
the needful farmers’ smiles on their wrinkled faces,
The corollary breeds them gleeful pleasure,
They start their cultivation as farmers,
We see the lush garden of a earth.

The world voraciously digesting its fruits,
but the Corona fighting us tirelessly to eradicate even root of mankind,
People are surviving in a desolate space of toxicity with the horrific position,
they are looking up to fall the sympathetic care of rain stable the world again,
O rain! O rain! Come swift by your kindness, knowing fully well tomorrow will be better than today and today than yesterday.

By : Heydayet Ullah Heydayet Khan
Date : 11/ June/ 2020

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