By Lilian Woo

Gone were those days, so relax and feel free
Going out without a mask, faces we see
Don’t have to adhere to social distancing
In a group, we joyfully talking and sharing

The pandemic has changed everything
It makes life difficult and burdens it bring
Life has turned chaotic, completely
No more gathering and celebration happily

Gone were those days we travel leisurely
Now, no vacation, so we remain sadly
For safety, we hide behind the mask daily
Staying indoors often with our family

The widespread of the pandemic
Has taken many lives away, so tragic
Many people are at a lost and panic
Those jobless are in agony chronic

The lockdown has caused much inconvenience
It brought frustration and many suffered in silence
It has slumped the world’s economy bitterly
Those retrenched and jobless are crying utterly

We must be strong to overcome this challenge
The whole world is against the rash infringe
Be hopeful and believe, soon there will be a solution
To save the world of this evil and chaotic intrusion.

© Lilian Woo
All Copyright Reserved

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