Some days’re unlike others
Some days’re good amidst bad
That Rangoon creeper dying a few days back
Now peeping through every other tree
Pink flowers bloomed and smiled
From the guava tree and Neem too
The dusty wild flower beside the freeway
I thought the shrub would die
But someone watered it last day.

Some days’re unlike others
Some days’re bad amidst good.
The nimbus clouds that enshroud the azure
A relief for peddlers from blazing sun
Was dissipated by a gush of wind
The nest beside my window too toppled
The mynah lost it’s chicks.

Some days’re unlike others
They’re just a bunch of hours
That need to be fiddled away
Neither looking behind, nor ahead
Better look inward, explore, ruminate
And unravel life.

©Kaberi Mukherjee

©Image reserved by rightful owner

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