🌷🌷 MOTHER 🌷🌷
I am becoming immortal
for the sake of her ,
who can give her mother’s affection, allows her to live in the dust
of her right position by the means
because I am her lovely priest …….

I took her red milk and
I live today ,She can
nourish me by drinking milk.
my goddess ,O my Goddess !!
gives her immeasurable love
I remember the story of my birth
today today ,keep smiling for her …….

I was wrong today,
I found happiness in my words,
so I took the help of tears,
today, tomorrow, I feel that my
heart is burning spontaneously………

Proud to be the son of the form
omniscient ,omnipresent and also
immortal for me till my last breath ……
©® Nrusingha panigrahi
Teacher, Puri

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