By Lilian Woo

When I stumbled and was about to fall
You helped me through it all
And attended to my every call
You kept me astoundingly standing tall

You mean everything to me
You walked with me on my bumpy journey
Protected me and made me strong
When things seem to go wrong

When I was lost and down
You lifted me up as offering a crown
You have given me more than I could see
Surging waves of love engulfed me

In the journey of my long life
Like an ocean, I faced the rough tides
You came along to shield me from harm
Embraced me and made me feel calm

What else can I ask you for?
Except for your love, I want nothing more
I know your love for me is at the core
I adore you and love you evermore.

©Lilian Woo
All Copyrights Reserved

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