Neither a pseudo obsession.
Nor a cocophonous posession
Rather a dlicate and fragile balance
A sparkling and tender safe heaven
A love hole without any trepidation.

Neither a drastic compulsion
Nor a destructive distraction
Rather an affirmation, a celebration
A profound experience together
Where you complement each other, but never as competitors.

Never an annihilation, but a resurrection Meandering through ups and downs and bad weathers
A sonorous strength through melodies of life’s maze and obstacles.
Standing together in pelting rain and cold turbulations.

It was in tender touches, in sultry seducing eyes, to ultimate tingling passions.
Holding hands to kisses to lovers embrace,and ultimate sexual pleasures.
A place of solace on this Earth, a paradise an aprodisiac castle.
Whers souls danced to the rythms of appreciation.

It was that complete freedom of speech and action, not munching of words or holding to them as daggers.
That ultimate faith not to be screwed by sensuous attractions.
It wa an absolute giving
Without any expectations
In forgiving and forgetting in its imperfections.

But sadly we loved wrong in our tedious posessions and thousands of expectations.
Holding on to past events as trophies
Creating excruciating pain and exclamations.
Ruining beautiful love ❤️ without any hesitation.
Becoming prisoners of our own retaliations.

© Sonia Batra

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