“Hope isn’t Lost”

Although I’m a refugee in this modern era,
Has to live in a restricted camp,
Where nothing blossom even the sunlight is unfiltered,
Living in a scorching dessert, no amenity of life,
Don’t know why, most stuffs are different in me,
Can’t lose my hope, be a well literate and scholar.

Hope isn’t lost in the world wherever you’re,
You make it happens very soon as you wished,
It’s the reason you achieve some things sometimes,
Life is a fulfilment of someone with multiple ambitions,
If you have no hope, you’re nothing but a sunless world.

Be alive with hope, dream and ambition,
Everything depending on you, don’t lose guts of hope,
No one can do anything, if he has the desire of it,
Just like, we never acheived anything without a potential hope,
We get it, hoping for something with an achievable potential.

People were created by different ideas and faces,
There’s no one with similar behavior, ambition, dream and hope,
It isn’t lost yet just because you’re alive,
Many things remained behind your trails,
Be enthusiastic, you fill it living in hope of finest tomorrow.

By : Heydayat Ullah
Date : 28/ October/ 2020

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