Hope for the earth

The earth is a strange creation.
It’s rich in natural beauties,
Very long beaches,
Long mountain garlands,
And natural resources.
All are the gifts of God.

It teaches us the light of hope,
Tolerance like earth,
Patience like mountain,
Spreading like the sky
Loving like mother,
And greatness like the God.
Now the time has come
To save our beloved earth,
To protect it’s natural beauties,
To protect from devastating war,
To protect the human races,
Unless the earth may be ruined.
Now the world is covered
In black clouds of war.
Dillusing thought has become
Ideology for some people.
That’s a challenge for the time,
We are to find Hop from the hopelessness,

Awake the wise people.
Let you convey the message of
Peace, progressand
Scientific socialism.
To assure the fraternity everywhere,
Let us sing the songs of the nations
Song of the peace
Songs of the unity in diversities,
Song of the friendship,
And the song of mother and mother land are heavier than the heaven.

Suresh Chandra Sarangi

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