“So many things I pen down
Some stay in my pages
That is irreversible
And some got effaced in time
That was written with Water.”
~ Sweta Kumari

Sweta Kumari, Regional Director of Suryodaya Literary Foundation (SLF), Bihar-Zone

Sweta Kumari (Gold Medalist, M.A. in English) is a bi-lingual poet, short story writer, avid-reader, an academician, an editorial member of board, the Global Literati, Professional editor and an anthology compiler. Her profile has been published for being one of the wonderful Women in Overseas Coffee Table Book entitled 25 Wonderful Women of Virtue. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D in English and her doctoral research project entitled as “Dialectics of Feminism in Select Hindi Films and Film Adaptations of Indian English Novels (1960-2010)”.

Her continuous participation in anthologies kept her connected to the world of creative writings. Her writings are mostly inspired by her own life and experiences and what she witnessed in the society. She truly believes, “if music eases mind, writings heal it”. She has contributed her writings in about 80 book anthologies including national and international anthologies, journals, magazines and others. Moreover, she has worked on a joint poetry project entitled A Date with Poetry in 2019 contributing her 20 poems focusing on social issues, nature and women’s cause, published from Artson Publishing House along with three other writers belonging from different states. Hereafter, her first solo anthology book entitled Voices from the Society (Vol-1) got published by Inkquil publication House on 21st January 2020 and Voces From Society, Vol2 from the same in June, 2020. Her another anthology entitled INCENTIVE, a compilation of English poems, article and stories by different twenty writers published by Notion Press, India. Apart from these, she edited two anthology books Lockdown-14, Akiriti: Badalte Pahlu published by Ukiyoto Publishing in July 2020.

Thus, writings brought some more accolades and awards as inspiration to her as she has been awarded “Father Day Presentation 2019 Best Budding Poet of The Year” and a certificate for “Outstanding Performance Poetry Recitation Award” by the Literati Council, India in an International Conference on Widow’s Problem and Their Solutions. Not only that, she has been awarded with several awards like “Rashtriya Ratna Award-2019”, “Rajastariye Prabodhan Thakre Samajsudharak Purushkar-2019”, “Uttar Pradesh Ratna Shaman-2019”, “Literoma Laureate in Best Aspiring Author Award-2019”, “Film & Literature 1st Corporate Ceremony- International Indian Award in Literature-2020”, “Nobel Laureate Kabi Rabindranath Tagore Award-2020”, and “Women of the Year-2020” etc.

She has contributed her scholarly research papers in the field of Literature in reputed Journals like Indian Journal of English Studies, New Frontier (Annual International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences), The Interiors (An Annual Journal of English Studies), and Cyber Literature (A Bi-Annual Journal of English Studies) UGC approved, John Foundation Journal of EduSpark. She has also contributed her research papers in the edited books like in Enigmatic Indian Women: A Study on Major Indian Women Novelists and REMAPPING HISTORY AND (CON)TEXTUALISING LITERATURE: The Tragedy of Partition and the Fictional Narratives of Indian Subcontinent. Her research papers are mainly focused on Contemporary issues like Women Empowerment, Patriarchy, Post-Colonial Studies, Feminism and Film Studies. Besides, she has even presented several scholarly papers in national and international Conferences and participated actively in workshops.

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