Soubhagyabati Giri,Kendrapada, Odisha

Soubhagyabati Giri
Regional Director of Suryodaya Literary Foundation (SLF)
Kendrapada-Zone,Odisha, India

Let’s know about her Life and Profession

Soubhagyabati Giri is a budding young poetess and translator who hails from Govindpur,Chaudakulat, under Kendrapada a District in the Indian state of Odisha.

Miss Soubhagyabati Giri is a teacher by profession.But writing is her passion.She had started her journey in writing from very early age.In her school time,her poems were published in daily newspapers.As time passes,she gave rest to her pen due to shortage of time.She was a keen student who worked very hard.Her qualification is biotech and B.ed.She has worked in some reputed MNCs.She is very hardworking n energetic in her professional field.She has been to some countries like UAE,Thailand and Malaysia for foreign clients meet.She likes to read novels and biographies in free time.After a long time she again returned to her passion.Her stories,poetries and articles have been published in different daily newspapers and magazines.

She always wants to aware people in every aspect.She never differentiates people according to their cast,creed,colour.she has the same feelings,love and affection for rich and poor.She hates some bad systems like dowry system,gender discrimination,child marriage etc.She has a soft corner for the orphans.Always tries her best to help them both physically and financially.
Her aim is to work for the orphans and for women empowerment.