Regional Director of Suryodaya Literary Foundation (S.L.F),

Keonjhar -Zone


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Shri Sahadev Behera is a teacher, and passion as a story writer, poet, singer and Tabla artist. He has completed post graduate in Ravenshaw University, Cuttack. Odisha,. He has published 7 numbers of educational books. So many poems and articles published in different magazines, emagazine,. He has also awarded certain certificates in the field of educational research work and sharing poems.

During his service he has extended his service as a Special Educator in the field of Visually impairment , under DPEP, BANKURA, WEST BENGAL state , Monitoring the schools and provided service to the disabled children at the school point or at their home.
During this period as a Special Educator he has attended different training and orientation programme at district and State level on mental retardation, visual impaired , hearing impaired, autism, cerebral palsy, disabled management , multiple disabled etc. He had received two days traing programme on Disability Management at Bankura, West Bengal, held on 2001, organised by Bankura Institute, Supported by Health department, Govt.of West Bengal, RCI, NIGHT, Govt.of India. (certificate )
And received seven days orientation course on integrated education in the field of Visually impairment held in 2003 at JPM Rotary Eye Hospital, Cuttack. Organised by JPM, Eye Hospital and sponsorshered by Sight Savers International Mumbai. (certificate )

He is a member of the State Resource Group under the intervention of Pedagogy, Teachers Training, Tribal Education, Computer Education and IED . O.P.E.P.A, and SCERT, in Odisha state for development of text books, workshops, contents development, development of learning materials, teachers training module, graded materials, language learning materials, questions workshop , computer learning etc under different intervention.

He has presented two national level seminar papers on tribal issues and pedagogical issues Teacher education. And also attended National level workshop on Access and Special Training under MHRD, Govt.of India in New Delhi, National level workshop on Multigrade Teaching in GGuwahati, Assam, and A national level workshop on pedagogical issues and quality education in Ranchi, Jharkhand.
Implementation of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation under RtE. in Odisha, Bhubaneswar in the year 2011.
State level consultation on teachers pedagogical forum, Bhubaneswar. In the year 2019,

He has extended his service in different teachers training or orientation programme at Cluster, Block, District and State level as a participant or State Resource Person.
At the State level educational activities under OPEPA and SCERT he has extended his service as a teacher participant, DRG member , SRG Member, or as a Resource Person.
Besides as a teacher he has involved in different social work such as relief work , election duties, village festivals, awareness campaign on eradication of child marriage , drugs abuse, eradication of social blind believes, etc.

Mr. Sahadev Behera has also worked as a district pedagogical improvement and tribal education coordinator, SSA, Kalahandi then district pedagogy coordinator, S.S.A, Mayurbhanj in Odisha state.
During the service as a district coordinator, he has taken so many educational development works under the flagisive project of Government of India. Such as
Regular school monitoring , conduct of teachers training and orientation programme at Cluster, Block and District level ,Workshop on development of Teaching learning materials , Preparation of questions for annual examination ,Content analysis of text books, Learning Enhancement Activities ,Workshop on ADEPTS, orientation of BRCCS and CRCC , activities plan for quality model schools ,school visits as per Samikshy, analysis of children’s achievement . Development of questions bank, Development of supplementary reading materials, Development of science project work ,organisations of science exhibition and mathematics seminars ,organisations of Shishu prativa Utasv , monitoring computer aided learning schools, etc.
Besides these educational works he has written and published the following books in odia language and articles etc based on school education, such as
1.Moghara Bahar Moshikshaya Mandir ,2.Shisura Bikas Sikashyak Hate ,
3.Bidyalaya Karyadhara,
4. Bhinnakshyamank paine Samannitashiksha,
5. Kasturikanya ,
6.Gynagathanara Bhinnamaraga,
7. Bigyan Swasikshana

And he also a poet, story writer in both the English and Odia language.
He has received so many certificate and prizes in the field of education and literature.
Received the appreciation certificate from 1. the save child as a participant in the Statelevel consultation of teachers pedagogical forum, Bhubaneswar ,Odisha state .
2. Received the appreciation certificate from the STORY MIRROR, MUMBAI, INDIA participating in poem writing in odia language.
3. Received the appreciation certificates from the Adarsa sevasangah , Ghasipura, Anandapur, keonjhar in a debate competition .
4. Received an appreciation certificate from the SURYODAYA LITERARY FOUNDATION, BALASORE as a 2nd winner of the weekly poetry competition in English language.
5. Received the appreciation certificates from the SURYODAYA LITERARY FOUNDATION, BALASORE in odia poetry writing competition .
6. Received the appreciation certificates from the SURYODAYA LITERARY FOUNDATION, BALASORE in odia story writing competition .
7. many others,

He is now performing as the REGIONAL DIRECTOR, SLF, KEONJHAR,