Neha Bhandarkar , Nagpur


Neha Bhandarkar, Regional Director of Suryodaya Literary Foundation (SLF.)

 Neha Bhandarkar Working in Life Insurance Corporation of India(LICI) Nagpur
  5 Marathi  collections of poetry ..
(Madhumaya, Kavya Kondana, Mohakul, Paash, Vasaksajjika)

  ** 2 Hindi  Collections of poetry ..

(Silvaten, Purayita)

  ** Hindi collection of (Bhajan) psalm ..

 Hanuman Gaan 

  * * Marathi Novel ..


  * * Marathi collection of long Tale  ..


   English Long Story book, a Collection of 8 Tales …

 Hues Of Fusion

  **Translation …

  ‘Suryasari’ a collection of Zen Poetries

(The book ‘SuryaSari’  is a translation into Marathi, of  English Zen poetry book Sun Shower written by Krishna Prasai)


1) From Central Government, Delhi.. Nagar Rajbhasha Karyanvayan Samiti’s Hindi Poetry Award

2) Sant Namdev Poetry Award from Maharashtra State Hindi SAHITYA AKADEMI, Mumbai (for the collection of Poetry  ‘Puryita’)

3) Shanta Shekle Poetry Award, Pune

4) Poetry Award from Geeta Marathi Sahitya Parishad, Akot

5) On behalf of Vidarbha Sahitya Sangh, Nagpur…W. K.Chorghade story book Award (for the book ‘Abhasrai’ a Collection of long Tales)

6) Madheshi leader Shri Gajendra Narayan Singh Sahitya Samman has bestowed upon, in Nepal on behalf of Nepal-India Friendship Veerangana Foundation & Nepal and Indian Embassy, ​​Kathmandu on the occasion of International Women’s Day, 2019. 

Moreover, Awarded as ‘An Excellent Writer’ from Gaur Municipality, Nepal.

7) Honored with the Swayam Siddha Award from Being Women’s Society, New Delhi.

8) Poetry Award by Ankur Sahitya Sangh, Akola (for Vasaksajjika, a  collection of poems)

9) Story Writing Award (for Asabhasarai) from Rasik Raj Multipurpose Society, Nagpur

10) Story Writing Award (for Abhinasarai) by Sahitya Vihar Sanstha, Nagpur

11) Sanvidhan (Constitution) Poetry Award from Samyak Manch, Nagpur

12) Poetry Award from All India Art, Literature, Cultural Institution 

13) Nobel Laureate Dr. Rabindranath Tagore Award from Vrindavan

14) ‘Poet at Par Excellence Award’ by World Poetry Forum, Daman (WPF)

15) Poetry Award from European Literary Artistic Association, Prince Muzhaka, Albania

16) Many other  awards have been received at an International, State level and All India level too.


1) Appointed as a Regional Director for Suryodaya Literary Foundation, Bhubaneswar

2) Has served as co-editor for the  Memoirs of Rasik Raj Sahitya Sammelan, Memoirs for Thunderbolt Social Organization  and many other organizations.

3) Has honoured as a Chair person  in several conferences and poetry sessions.

  * OTHER* …

 1) Many times, on All India Radio and through Telivision  Hindi, English, Marathi stories, poems have been broadcast and telecast

2) publised Marathi and Hindi Research Articles and reviews on several books. 

3) ‘Science at the time of Mahabharata  and Today’s Science’ ; the research paper has been published in more than 20 countries in Aksharwarta, an International Research Journal of Literature. 

Moreover, presented many research papers in Hindi and Marathi on many subjects too.

4) Column writting on Corporate topic under ‘Corporate Communication’ in Tarun Bharat marathi newspaper.  

Apart from this, wrote through many newspapers.

5) Marathi, Hindi and English literature has been published in various magazines, journals, e-journals, special Diwali issues etc.

6) In  Philippine, English nursery rhyme is taught to the kids【the poem featured in the book * Poetry for Kids Volume II* (not in syllabus)】

7) English poems have been published in many anthologies with poets of Africa, America, Asia and other continents.

8) Lectures on many topics in Marathi and Hindi

9) Marathi literature has been translated into Hindi, English, Greek, French, Albanian, Filipino, Nepali, German etc. languages ​​and Braille script too

10) In the field of Marathi Literature, a new perception of review/criticism called ‘Corporate Perspective’ and type of ‘Zen Poetry’ has been introduced for the first time(zen as a collection of translated poems into Marathi literature) 

11) Appointed as a mentor by Directorate of Cultural Affairs, Government of Maharashtra, Mumbai for ‘one day writing workshops’, in various colleges in different districts.

12) Invited into the most prestigious platform of Marathi, ‘All India Marathi Sahitya Sammelan’ and many other prestigious national and international conventions, Conferences, online conventions, and Literary Festivals. 

Presided over several fashion shows, Cultural events, and Poet conventions in countries like India, Nepal etc.

13) Has conducted many Marathi programs as an anchor

14) Marathi and English poems have been dramatized at St. Andrews Center for Philosophy and Performing Arts, Mumbai.  

Moreover, many poems have been recited at various stage, college and literary events.

1- ‘Sun Shower’ a collection of Zen Poetries by Nepali poet Krishna Prasai has been translated  into Marathi, under the title ‘Suryasari’.

 2-Many poetries of English poets have been translated into Hindi and Marathi languages. Some translations have  been published in  magazines and special Diwali Issue.

 Honored by many reputed literary institutions working in India and abroad …
1) Excellence Poetry Award from Poetry Planet, Philippines
2) Honored as ‘an excellent writer’ by Gaur Municipal Corporation, Nepal
3) Letter of Honor from (WPF) World Poetry Forum, Daman
4) Broadcast Hindi poetries on Radio Hindi, Chicago (USA).
5)  Poems translated from English to French, have been broadcast through  France Radio
6) An Appreciation Certificate bestowed from Literary Artistic Association, Prince Muzaka, Albania.

Neha Bhandarkar 92A,FriendsColony,Katol Road, Near Neem Park,Nagpur 440013

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