Deepak Kumar Swain

Deepak Kumar Swain, General Secretary & Editor of Suryodaya Literary Foundation (SLF)

Deepak Kumar Swain
Father-Bhagirathi Swain
Mother- Sasikala Swain
Sainkul, Kendujhar, Odisha, India,        D.O.B-: 26-06-1989

PUBLICATIONS as Author – 2 Nos. of Odia Poetry Books 
1- Kathagadare Ishwar (କାଠ ଗଡାରେ ଈଶ୍ୱର)
2- Nasta Ishwari (ନଷ୍ଟ ଈଶ୍ୱରୀ)

His poems have been published in Odia Magazines or Anthologies e.g., Sourava, Paraga, Anweshana, Aina, Gateway Odisha,Kabitayana Suryodaya, Shivashakti and many more.

His poems also hits the page of Odia journal News paper e.g., SAMAJA, PRAGATIBADI,DHARITRI,SAMBAD KALIKA,ODISHA BHASKAR, SARBASADHARANA,PRATIDINA and many more.

Training He Obtained/Profession–

He has obtained Job Training of Forest Officers conducted by the Ministry of Forest & Environment Dept., Govt. of Odisha India.

Evolving Poetry  Philosophy of his life

Deepak Kumar Swain was come to earth on June 26th ,1989 in a village Sainkul under the district of Kendujhar In state of Odisha India.He is a freelance writer author and a prolific Poet.He is so friendly in nature.He emphasized on three ‘D’ means Dedication, Determination and Destination. An immortal analysis of the deep-seated sense of life is the another name for his Literary Practice.

He moves his pen in different styles and frictions of poetry
e.g. – Modern and semi modern classic poetry, Sonnet, Ballad, Elegy’s, Ode, haiku,
He also interested to write General Articles, Fictional articles , and short stories in odia language.

Young budding bards learnt from him that , one can overcome all obstacles by hard labour, determination, Courage and self-reliance avoiding sluggishness.

He is very helpful and kind to the poor mendicants, needy and sufferers. He is always ready to wipe out the tears from every eyes. He hates the feeling of caste, creed and communism.

He wants to tie all the human race in a single thread of brotherly and sisterly love and affection. It revels that he has a broad mind and a lover of mankind. He is an illustrative of kind hearted, vibrant, magnetic, inspiring and a man of super vision and mission. All the ornamental adjectives are sufficient to describe the quality and virtue of his relentless struggles, constant efforts to make dreams come true.

He creates a special fame for himself in odia Literature. Even he gave priority on building moral character, because character is the crown and glory of life.

Deepak Kumar Swain
General Secretary & Editor of Suryodaya Literary Foundation (SLF)
Sainkul, Kendujhar, Odisha
WhatsApp- +91 94399 03620
Contact- +919337610735