Regional Director of Suryodaya Literary Foundation (SLF)
Uttar Pradesh(UP)-Zone

Let’s know about her

A Freelance writer, Spiritual motivational counsellor, Author, Businesswoman, lawyer, contemporary prolific poet of International reputation from Lucknow, India..
Her work has appeared in several National and International Anthologies, Magazines and in literary e zines, both print and online, worldwide poetry forums and e magazines.. She has won several prizes and recognition for her poems and prose.. And has many winning prizes like poet of the Month, (Gold, silver, platinum) medals, Awards in National and International poetry contests.. She has won several accolades and appreciation for her soulful, philosophical, Social, Patriotical, spiritual, experiences oriented to her own life..
At the early age of two years and ten months, She proved her versatility, by acting as Devi Sita, Bharatmata, Rajiv Gandhi ji and various other legendary and mythological personalities, At Tableaus… And also participated in debates, essay competitions, singing, painting, speeches and by the grace of Maa Saraswati stood first in all, As well as many Intellectuals , educationists,, high officials of state and Central Government Ministries, praised and Rewarded her with great honours and Certificates of Recognition..
At very early age of Nineteen, She got married, unfortunately faced many severe post operative complications, but while facing hurdles of multiple health issues for long time and still having those impacts on present life, she came out smiling, crossing all the hail storms, with God’s love and will power she inspired all.. Her deepest love for Almighty empowered her to create example for herself and all, that when A person Really wants to cross the hurdles in life and to remove dark clouds, simultaneously the entire cosmic energy supports, blesses and enlightens him/her, As a Sun of fortune, to Arise, Rise and Reborn, once again, to begin, on a journey of a new spiritual Soulful path..
She expects to increase humanity, harmony, integrity, world’s love, peace, and brotherhood..
Poetry is for her like breathing for life to live alive..
She has two Hindi books”Aao Neev Rakhen Ujaale ki “and” Aarohan ek Naveen Shikhar ki oor”As an Author to her credit besides her name and writings featured in more than eighty Anthologies and in the editorial team of Many Hindi Anthologies such as “Kavya Sanrachana” and “Narmada ke Ratna”..and many more
Her third poetry collection in
HINDI and a short story collection is soon ready to be published.
Her poems, Short stories are published in eighty International and National poetry Anthologies, journals, some of them are like, Spirit of India, Love at first sight, Quilled by Patriotism, Mirror of Mind, Heartstring unto Infinity, Autism – International Anthology of poems on Autism, My tears, Cherry Blossoms, Awareness, Narmada ke Ratna, Forever You, Medley of Melodies, Kavya Sanrachana, Sunhara Sparsh, Grihswamini Patrika, Scintillating Scions, Kislay Kavya Sangrah, Gungunati lahren, Sahitya Anand, Fragrance of Asia, Fun and Frolic, Florets of Fancy, Ambrosia, Symphony of Souls, The Vase, Symphony of peace, Holistic Healing of widows, Vasudha, Queen, Roobroo, Ex Research Paper on “Influence of Indian Classics on world literature”, Fragility, thy Name is not Woman, Srijan Sansar, Family eternal treasure, Love my Religion, Made for each other, I am not in the stories only, ESSENCE of a woman A PICTORIAL POETRY COFFEE TABLE ANTHOLOGY, Sea An Anthology of Poems, Anthology of confluence SENSIBILITY by Different Truth publication, Among Top three winners and published in the great poetry Anthology AATISH 2 with the topmost greatest Global writers, Ruhaniyat Anthology, Smoky Illusion… etc..
and she has been also featured in reputed International e zines like, Siddhikalash bal Visheshanka and Stri Visheshanka, two times featured in Asian Literary Society flip book shishir Kavyanjali, poems selected and published in tazdeed Inventives and many more… Fond of painting, photography, singing, cooking and has an alluring affinity for nature and culture.

***Awards..and Achievements.*****Wordsmith Award winner 2019 Hindi contest 2nd position from Asian Literary Society’s Annual Wordsmith Awards 2019 contest, Awarded twice The “Sahitya Siddhi Samman” by Siddhi ek Ummid.. Mahila Sahityik Samuh, “SRIJAN ABHIVINYAS SAMMAN” by Sushilla Srijan Abhivinyas “..
Global creation honour, Shartakchi andaje bayan winner, AsianLiterarySociety Mehfil e suhan certificate of Appreciation, Red Diamond Achievers Award winner 2020 FOR LITERATURE AND SOCIAL SERVICE by N R B FOUNDATION AND BHAVYA INTERNATIONAL ANTARRASHTRIYA MAITRI SAMMELAN, NOBEL LAUREATE KABI RABINDRA NATH TAGORE AWARD 2020 BY ARPITA FOUNDATION MATHURA UP, NARI SAMMAN 2020 AT LITEROMA, CHIEF REGIONAL DIRECTOR OF UP AT SLF, WINNER OF INFLUENTIAL WOMAN AWARD 2020 BY THE SPIRIT MANIA, Sumitra Nandan pant smriti Samman, Ujesh Sahitya Samman, Narmada ke Ratna sahitya Samman, Kavya Sanrachna Sahitya Samman, Abhiti Sahitya Samman, Author Achiever Award 2020, Featured and one of the winners at Literoma Audio Poetry Carnival 2020, Winner in Season 1 and Season 2 ALS 25 days poetry and prose challenge 2020, VEENAPANI SAHITYA SAMMAN 2020, Sri Sudarshannika Akhil Bhartiya online Hindi lekhan pratiyogita stood third in all over India, Senior Diploma in Indian classical music with first class distinction from Prayag and Chandigarh University..
Received” Rajya Purashkar “from BHARAT SCOUT AND GUIDE.., Beautifully participated in Cinematic Anthology titled” Faces of emotions “.. Soulful poetry in motion..