A silent river is flowing inside me,
river of joy , pious water of celebrations.
Celebrations should be our best communication to mother nature, our lively introduction.
See this is life , there is no other option,
this is heart full of best answers to allquestions and beautiful solution.
May be there are no roads/ways/paths ,
only hurdles, be in any situation.
Handle with ease, create with yourself,a spiritual relation,
wake up , do something , stop not like stagnant water,
do everything with your highest determination.
Flow, glow , find yourself in a far better position, never suppress your thoughts, let it come out, enhance your imagination,
and merge with spirituality for better life combination.
Connect to yourself as soul, To God ,as His child ,
talk to father and spread Thy love, to soul to soul connections.
Spread, Peaceful, Blissful vibes, be lighthouse, might house for the universal brotherhood contribution.
Sparkle and twinkle with love.O! great souls have no confusion. ,
In the rhythm of life, let’s play the most melodious music,
forget psycho -tendencies of sick and seek.
Let’s tune the harvesting celebration, let’s sing ,enjoy and dance, smile , see you will get only one chance.
Your own colours , own brush, paint your own creations, let other souls enjoy to see your own rainbow imaginations.
This is your life, create it a bliss-orchard ,
A precious gift of God , be a best human dedication.
Each day of life , each moment , each breathe is precious ,
make inhaling love, peace, bliss so natural and obvious,
so we may be able to exhale the same , to experience heaven on Earth,
for self and others, be pure and pious.
A heavenly touch , an intimate soulful exchange, between hungry hearts shared by all blessed souls,
let’s brighten the world with sparkling smile and laughter,
why not forget and forgive, past is passed behind,
let’s clean our soul and mind,
To celebrate life, start each day, open your eyes, after opening your inner eye, by awakening the soul.
And that should be the life’s celebrations only goal,.
Where peace/love be only language to be understood,
for a great world , with humanity and brotherhood .
Let’s flow the pious water of celebration,
feel the energetic cell-cell rejuvenation ,
which will lead us to a journey of soul’s purification.
As we are in A inner journey of soul’s liberation Life is a heavenly cheer let’s spread the rossie and sandle fragrance of life’s real celebrations.
All rights reserved with Balika Sengupta
26-10 – 2017

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