by Lovelyn Eyo

The world is torn apart
Due to lost hug- ripped apart
Made for love is the human heart
But we turn it into an artillery
Stoking tribal, racial, war of the roses
World wars pricking thorns of chaos
Life hungry, Life wilting, Life dying
To ruins is humanity freezing
How long shall we put up with this bloodiness
O Stop the wars to heal the land from rot
Wiping off the nukes of war
From the nook and cranny of our hearts
To build a bond stronger than the aging earth
War may boom… fallen, shattered bond
But tis so weak that it doth cries for peace
O PEACE- Sweet Sublime Sovereign
Comes like the gentle wind
Spreading it arms of loving hugs
In its embrace we find the missing piece
Needed for a sunny, better world

©Lovelyn Eyo
All rights reserved

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