In this morning with sky of blue sequins
I stopped weaving dreams,
so many barren anxieties run through the veins
and everything around is reproduced in reverse
as in a mirror from Purgatory;
the evolution is reflected in the mounds of chaff,
the ragged planet bleeds into stigmas,
outcasts hospitals destroy health,
the courts crush justice,
universities burn knowledge,
governments annihilate freedom,
the media cancels out the truth,
religion neutralizes spirituality.

We are caught in a loop of conspiracies,
a cage of diabolical case
deprived of light, health and joy,
only conscience does not deceive us
and does not flatter us.
Let us leave the divine nature of consciousness
to spill over us, over our souls, over eras,
over dogmas, over goals, over truth.

Copyright @ Corina Junghiatu

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14 thoughts on “Conscience – Corina Junghiatu”
  1. your poem reflects the true internal pictures of mind that infuences any one a lot…It’s a heart touching poem.keep it up..God bless you.

  2. Very nice poem carry-on mam good wishes mam ….. We all Indians always with you ….. Thank you so much

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