Candle light dinner

Phenomenal decor of candles,
Optimal setting for a rendezvous.
I too wish for a candle light dinner,
Not the picture depicted location.

There were days when I had,
Only candle light dinners.
There weren’t such scented flowers,
There weren’t waiters to serve.

Very less dishes to relish,
Fill half the stomach,
Not to show off that we were dieting,
That’s all was the month’s grocery permitting.

Porridge and lemon pickle,
Porridge and salted fried chillies,
If luck is great, few tiny drops of ghee,
Was the perpetual menu.

We too had a Buffett system,
On the floor, candle in the middle,
Sitting together, serving for each other,
Chit chatting about the day’s affairs.

I bet you, my candle light dinners
were awesome,
With a peck of love added on,
I wish I could walk,setting back the path,
To my ancestral house, where all the happiness lies.

Sreekala P Vijayan

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