An innocent flower bloomed,
Inside the “Nalukettu”.
Untouched by the fallacies,
Of the outside world.

Fragrant flower, uprooted ,
From its existence to the new normal.
Wasn’t the uprooting too early?
All before it could start dreaming.

Hasn’t her feelings got any value?
Hasn’t her dreams got any wings?
Hasn’t she competitive enough?
To fulfill the needs by herself.

Customs age-old,
Blindly followed,
Dooming of her dreams,
Hath no value for her screams.

Signoria, wept till the eyes were swollen,
Cheeks turned reddish ,
Heart of damsel was broken.
For the fault , born as a girl.

©️Sreekala P Vijayan

Antharjanam- typical brahmin lady
Nalukettu- A traditional house

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