An Odyssey of human

Walking without a pause
for millions of years with a cause
from the darkest abyss of nescience
we are proceeding towards the radiance
and emerged on this day of manifestation
not unscathed though, but plenty to revelation…
We have arrived with blood dripping body
and shredded souls of compromise and treachery
we have emerged with mournings and wailing
Innocent weak and incapable human being
we have passed through parched and flooded lands
we have crossed frozen and fertile expands.
But road didn’t end here…only we are tired,
destination hasn’t arrived yet and we are not spared
the long meandering road lies ahead with unknown amazement
we are just aweary footsloggers remembering our lost moments.
We are not expected to take a break or lie in stupor
Moving on the path of life is our destiny till lowered anchor.

Som Mazumder

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