ABSTRACT ART (The gift of dyslexia)

The gift of what they call as curse,
From point of view of human mind,
Peek inside and you shall find,
The world of living abstract art.

Eyes that read from the reverse,
Seeing numbers as crawling ants,
The upside down and down side up,
Broken sequence on dotted lines.

What average people think,
From usual textbook learning skills,
Fails on academic intelligence,
Yet surpass limits one can possess.

Who knows the depth of tiny blotch
Whose brain conjure colours as clouds
Who else can see best in reverse,
None but the dyslexic human brains.

What most people failed to see,
As average eyes blinded by lights,
The world where few can read and write,
Lay artistry far and beyond.

©️Rosie Caristea
From The Pearl of The Orient,
The Philippines.

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