A voice of beauty
True, my luster is
Not easily attainable
Yet my heart assumes
Confidence from
Observing a manner in
Which it seems affected
A thing of beauty is always
Adorable by others.

Beauty is seen
In the moonlight
The trees, mountains,
People working in the
Corn field with a lot of joy
Singing the melodious songs
And dancing for their harvest.

Beauty is seen
In thewell decorated
Full moon night of Autumn.
Wind singing,
Dew pouring and
A singer chanting
Anything in earnest.

Beauty is in your heart
Good deeds
Happy thought
That repeating themselves
In your dreams
In your work
Find even in
The closing eyes

Beauty is seen
In the muddy water
When the delighted lotus
Comes out from it
the purely Beautiful
and trusting in its
own unfolding,
Steals the heart of everyone.

Thus ,beautify your fame
In such a way
It’s fragrance can never
Dissolve and it will reflect
Every moment
in the rose garden of
People’s hearts.

@ Suresh Chandra Sarangi

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