A test of courage?
Is it a test of courage to stay at home for at least 21 days?

The answer weaves between saying Yes or saying No or saying to say that staying at home is also a pleasure.

The last answer is to be deleted. Today, involved, in a defined catastrophic or pandemic situation, he cannot give answers where pleasure is inherent. ” I’m staying at home” It is not a pleasant invasion, but an imperative to be able to fight the super hero who came to install himself in our life, that of everyday life, that of daily life.

” I’m staying at home” , words spoken with suffering, words that a Prime Minister would never have wanted to pronounce. How many times have we stayed at home for the pleasure of cleaning the house, to tidy up the house, to rest from the heavy efforts, to prepare a party, a birthday, a name day, to invite friends, to study, to finish work already started, to wait for the arrival of a relative, to paint, to be together with his girlfriend, mother, parents, children. Today ” I’m staying at home ” has nothing of what I have outsourced. ” I’m staying at home”To participate in the war against the Coronavirus that turned into a Pandemic. This infectious virus that knows no limits, acts invisibly by putting divisions into natural human behavior. Often we hear people say, on the occasion of anger, that man needs another man, however strong, to heal certain behaviors, to put things in order, to make us go straight. Well today that man is called CORONAVIRUS. Suddenly we all became good, calm, and even smiling, we give with some sarcasm. “For a long time I didn’t notice smiles and sarcasm on the street. I ask myself: This man, who has reached the Third Millennium, needs a strong man or a strong communicative ability to overcome that constant and exhausting “Quarrel” that we witness every day. Can we become aware of and value the freedom that we have enjoyed in the past 80 years? It is the right opportunity to understand. Dear Dante Alighieri as you come to mind … ” Freedom is looking for it to be as dear as it knows who life refuses for her. “

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