The winds of change stopped blowing,
Eyes lost the glory, no more glowing.
Loving heart lost it’s rhythmic beat,
Lost its humanity in its greedy heat.

The oceanic waves of vices surges in,
Flooding my path like wastes from the bin.
It blurs my vision and slows my speech,
Bars my journey, destination out of reach.

Lying like a tiny boat tossed upon the sea,
Life’s lost the direction, supposed not to be.
Should I surrender to the external forces,
That lure me hard to change my courses.

Victory never comes easy as we think,
Hardwork and success do have a link.
To be afloat on the waves of success,
Move your arms and feet with progress.

If your life’s motion comes to a halt,
Then, success escapes, it’s your fault.
Before late, start a new great beginning,
Give life a victorious and successful inning.

©Tshering Wangchuk
Bhutan 🇧🇹

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