Dear friend,
Release thy painful sorrows burning inside thee
Talk to me as I am thy friend at the end of the day
I am here to shoulder them with hope
I can make you dream the dreams of valor
Vociferate them loudly like those rumbling blizzards
Let thy heart breathe deeply to loose weight of depression
Decanting those tormented hours perfectly mounted
I ardently equipped to reach the clouds by detaining those symptoms
Let me take the burn strenuously for thee
Loose your hair upon me for I entwine with the aura
I let you hold me and squeeze me with your intense feelings
Greeted you with open hands and open mond free of ego and selfdom
At times I was being hallucinated by thy dilemmas
But I will stay as the purest form ready to get wet in the rain

Sodden pillow

©️Vandana Sudheesh

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