Peace sounds like having you besides,
Through the tough and jolty rides.
Human floats differently in same swirl
For some it is stone for others pearl
Sun shines with a differing heat
Self-slake food is that they eat
The contentment Shall bring moment
For self satisfaction With an indication.
Is it with truth to bring forth cheat.
Who dream in twilight granaries Thou dost bless
With delicate sheaves of mellow silences?
Just One Moment of Peace is All I Want;
Been shedding tears for decades now;
But hardly has a drop descended from heaven;
Say, shall I heed dull presages of doom,
Or dread the rumoured loneliness and gloom,
Let astonishing mountains rise to raise,
let good part of human share be shared,
Let meaning be brought to meaningless,
let the satin inside fell simplicity pain,
for this life has hope and peace to gain.


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