Its just matter of time
The game that plays life
The differences…
Truth u call today
Will turn into lie

One preceeds the other
As time goes by,
There is no truth, no lies
It’s just matter of time

They just take vote of people
Say majority will decide
No body knows what is truth
And what to call as lies

The moment truth gained momentum,
It stood as mountain strong
The one with truth
Was killed or muted
And lie prevailed for long,

Still the question remained the same
Who is lame or strong
On both the side people were killed
In the name of right and wrong

They called it generation gap
Then they fought for fame
Another matter got limelight
When difference of ages came

The younger said we will rule
As you belong to past
The elders said they are right
They saw generation passed

The problem was known to all
The answer still unknown
Another war another fight
Took place in every home

They tried to walk a common path
Before it gets too late
Some from eachside never kneeled
They rejected the fate

To bring some happy faces
For war ridden and sad
They caved,searched enquired
For what is good or bad

The youngers were so sharp
They gave their life spark
The elders were very wise
They gave a wisdom slice

This is how god had made
The society’s design
They preached together
To be together, as it balances time

The mankind will prevail…
With understanding between both
The needle will rise still
Only with balanced scales .

©Manoj Kumar Panda

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