We faced many deaths innocent and terrorists
The friend countries took them to task and positions were blasted
The life can’t become so dry
We need to understand and try
Humanity is our essence of spirituality.
Spirituality emerges from versatility:
Humanity is our best known identity.
Identity is based on integrity.
Versatility is about embracing diversity.
Diversity is penchant of humanity.
When we claim, women came after men, without her pain, we fail inheritance.
To that milk smelling infant or the
School going lasses,
when we say, be careful about the world,
Then that’s humanity shame.
A single millionaire can duly vanish,
One million hungry people,
Who are just hoping to get the opportunity,
To use their undiscovered skills, hard work,
And fill their stomachs with self earned salary.
HUMANITY is no more an emotions for human
He is busy checking is he behind someone

@Manoj Kumar Panda

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