Life drips through the veins and slips,
Like grains of sand devoured by a conflagration
That rekindles like a phoenix reincarnated from clinker,
Traversing the outlandish tracks, light passes
Through the home that mends no tinker.
I’m being held back, I’m being restraint
I’m beginning to yell, I can’t even hear my own voice!
My unspoken fear has done this, this wasn’t my choice!
How can I stop this, what can be done?
The top of my dresser, I reach for a gun
My hand is trembling, is this it?
Have I reach an end, will I submit?
Once it reaches my head, I awake in cold sweat .
Memories fade as time passes by,
“FEAR of FEAR” erases the word “TRY”
Why FEAR is so destructive do understand,
Practice & prepare our self to withstand.
Let our hearbeats smile & smile fearlessly,
Don’t get upset, walk & walk tiredlessly

@Manoj Kumar Panda

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