O Lord, forgive me for my unpardonable sin,
Thy forgiveness will console my disgruntled soul,
No words can justify atonement for my devilish act
Pardon me of my crimes against humanity,

I crave for atonement to pacify my rude mind,
Never I bow my arrogant body and ruthless soul near you,
I tread on with rebellious views,
Now, I yearn to sublimate my wild actions,
O God, please forgive my immature reasons,
For I am your one and only son,
In your divine being,
I need to surrender and resign,

I strive to withdraw from the Earthly
I desire to merge with your Supreme being,
Embrace this fool in your cradle,
O omnipotent, hold me and forgive me for my arrogant insights,
Let me merge into your luminous, unending and ever glowing light…

Sudipta Mishra

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