All the promises never leave us.
Though mind in heart are contrast..

Promises don’t deny..
Till the end of the day..

Promises make our shadow innocent..
Pursue our aim to become eloquent..

Promises are not made to be broken..
With the integrity, equality it is our token..

Promises that echo to everyone chest..
The hope of light to hold in fist..

There’s no promises without convenient..
We ought to send promises as no lenient.

Promises akin sacred..
Generate the series of life in cascade..

Promises might dwell in our soul..
With the faith and good act to be in whole.

So cross my heart,
from my art..

Come rain or shine .
I’ll be fine.

Even I was in weather under the storm.
I promise to renew and reform.

With the pen with endless drops .
Hold my promise I would never collapse .

For the humanity across the globe..
Peace, equities, love, sanity, will evolve.

I will strive and thrive
This is I promise to all of thee we will survive .

©Marivic Nemi

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