Promises kept shine

Words kept intact in time’s course
Portray that all is not lost in the miasmatic clime
Promises kept along despite the bankruptcy of the befooling throng
Convince us of man’s inner virtue and chime.

A promise emanates from the sublime heart
In times when conscience goads one to take a step ahead
A promise is an assurance of presence beside
When friends and acquaintances depart, their notions unread.

A promise is an epitome of self centeredness denied
An embodiment of the inward voice
In times such as these detrimental
A promise materialised is virtuosity deified.

Promises are never meant to be broken should be the say
Promises promise promulgation of positivity when it’s not your day
A word kept in a moment’s unconditioned rhyme
Makes the prognostication of substantial soulfulness shine.

A promise to transform for a noble cause
Is noted by Almighty above
A promise to rescue for the sake of suffering humanity
Is unorganized religion manifesting in love.

(c) Dr. Shubhashish Banerjee

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