It’s Autumn Let’s Dream It

Its autumn, trees are shaking
The leaves are swinging in the wind
On the lake , the rudder admires them
From the boat and us, murmurings.

It’s autumn outside, in the soul
It’s warm and a pure love
New leaves are sitting on the head
Thousands of painting lie over the pond

It’s autumn, read my love
In the voice of secret silence
And in the sea of leaves from the boat
I feel your cares dear sweetheart.

The trees are shaking for whispers
When you hug me I feel creepy
They sing a sweet song for us
To decorate our moment.

Passing flocks of birds in the sky
They bless us forever
In dozens of loves and kisses
I miss you in my soul when you leave.

It’s a fruitful autumn lets dream it
To enjoy our day
Our life is very beautiful
Let’s colour it.

© Manoj Kumar Panda
Ada, Balasore, Odisha

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