Gift From a Child

Here is a great lesson I have learned,
Not to avoid the gift from a child.
Not that I am greedy for it,
It has a lot of feeling filled in it.

Every single smile on their face is a gift,
Every words they speak is a gift,
Every gesture they make is a gift,
Make that gift flow in a swift.

They are munchkins of love,
Don’t know to show it how,
They now wow their love,
Perking up loke a dove.

Treat their love with your smile,
Their feelings are so agile,
Handle with care it’s fragile.
But flows like River Nile.

Love them ,they will learn to love,
Habituate it from now,
Fill their heart with feeling of wow,
Their hearts will gleam like a rainbow.

©️Sreekala P Vijayan

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